Sector Profile
Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry can be broken down into three key areas: upstream, midstream and downstream. Customers in the region’s oil & gas markets all have special requirements and ENIPROM uses its expertise to prioritize and meet exacting customers’ requirements with value-added personal service.

Be it for oil or gas fields, onshore or offshore, customers increasingly look for ENIPROM’s metallurgical and supply chain expertise to help their business be even more competitive.

Upstream: Our upstream segment concentrates on the products used during the exploration, completion and production of oil & gas. ENIPROM provides Casing & Tubing, Choke manifolds and other ancillary products to the operating companies. After the well completion, we offer pipes, valves, fittings and other oilfield equipment at the production stage where the product is transported to gathering centers or pipelines for processing.

Midstream: The midstream sector, which includes gathering, transmission pipeline, storage terminals and natural gas utilities, is serviced by ENIPROM’s distribution centers strategically located around the region. This ensures that our customers have access to our products and services whenever and wherever they need it.

Downstream - Refining and Petrochemical:
This sector refers to refining crude oil and purifying natural gas obtained during the upstream phase to obtain products such as petrol, lubricants, jet fuel, LPG as well as a number of other types of petrochemicals.

ENIPROM’s broad array of Pipe, Fittings and Valves specialty products in carbon steel, stainless steel and special alloys form part of our commitment to providing technical solutions for extreme pressure, temperature and severe service applications common to the Refining and Petrochemical industries. Our experts will help you find the best solution for your needs.

Power and Water

As one of the main specialist distributors of carbon steel, stainless steel and chrome-moly pipe in the region, Power, Utilities and Industrial Companies with their contractors have come to rely on ENIPROM to meet their needs for fast and on-time delivery. Whether for routine stock delivery of pipe, piping material and valves or for emergency shutdown, we have the expertise needed to get the job done.


Here are some examples of how we can help our customers in this sector get the projects materials they need:

Crucial Delivery: ENIPROM have access to a large inventory of heavy-wall pipe and piping material as well as high pressure valves to meet the most extreme pressure & temperature applications. In addition, we are able to supply a variety of corrosion resistant alloys to satisfy stringent requirements of seawater intake systems.


Unparalleled Service: For unscheduled shutdown in power plants, ENIPROM can supply special heavy-wall piping material and valves, customized to match the exact size and dimensions of the existing piping previously installed. Innovative Solutions: To help major plants expedite the repair of failed steam or gas supply lines, ENIPROM can supply heavy wall Chrome-Moly header pipes. By pulling together our stock with international supply and machining capabilities, we are able to deliver this kind of material within days.


Our strengths in catering for the power generation industry Customized piping solutions Inventory of Carbon , Stainless and Chromium-molybdenum Alloy Steel Specialty valves Boiler & Heat Exchanger tubes Third party inspection Machining and Fabrication Meet just-in-time requirements Customers rely on ENIPROM project teams when they require on-time delivery and prompt supply, be it for standard material and for those with unique material specifications. ENIPROM takes pride in listening first and collaborating with our customers to customize solutions to help them meet their objectives.

District Cooling

District cooling systems are comprised of collective equipment to produce and distribute chilled water to buildings equipped with energy transfer stations (sub-stations).


The chilled water supplies its cooling properties to the building’s installations. A cooling system operates in closed-circuit and always includes at least two water pipes; one of which carries the chilled water to the end-user, and the other which carries it back towards the production plant.


The district cooling systems therefore involve three key components: the production plants, the distribution network and the energy transfer stations.


ENIPROM caters this sector by providing products support and services as follows:


- Pre-insulated steel piping system

- Isolation Valves

- Actuated Valves

- Service Pipes

- System Pressure Control

ENIPROM’s quality system ensures that customers are supplied with products that will maintain the integrity and safety of their projects and systems, creating solutions that simultaneously protect people and assets.

Aviation Fueling System

Large airport fueling facilities must run with extreme efficiency to provide the fuel quality required for today’s aircraft jet engines. Along with safety and efficiency, cost concerns determine every aspect of the design and operation of fuel storage, distribution and dispensing systems. Most large airports receive their fuel by pipeline and stored most often in vertical Storage Tanks constructed to API650.


Pipelines are an efficient and safe means of moving large volumes of Jet Fuel throughout the airport’s fuelling networks beneath the airport apron. Fuels are metered and tested to ensure quality control, before it flows through specialist fuel dispensers to refuel planes.


ENIPROM caters this sector by providing products, support and services as follows:


- Carbon and Stainless Steel Pipes and Fittings

- Steel Plates for storage tanks

- Manual & Actuated Valves

- Double Block & Bleed Valves

- External Coating

- Internal Lining suitable for Jet fuel


Customers in this sector rely on ENIPROM to ensure total management of their supply chain, be it for standard material and for those which require coating, lining and project specific fabrication.