Since 2008 Eniprom has been successful in executing and completing various type of projects for world-renowned clients throughout the Middle East and Africa. We even extended such geographical coverage a bit further to reach other countries, from the CIS region to the Asian subcontinent. Eniprom is capable of building such a successful record of accomplishment by pursuing perfection throughout the whole process.

In Quest of Excellence

With the collective experience available to the company, ENIPROM has built up specialist knowledge and expertise in Sourcing, Logistics, Supply and the application of its Products and Services. ENIPROM strives for continuous improvement to help our clients’ business to operate more effectively. Today, these skills make it possible to respond innovatively and effectively to continually changing market demands and in this way , continue to enhance the company's position as a leading edge provider of project services across the region.


Quality, Added value, Expert advice, Project Logistics and Supply Chain Management, these basic principles are always geared to customers' needs, and make ENIPROM the right partner with cross-border knowledge and experience. We provide the right products and Services at the right Price, in the right Place and at the right Time. ENIPROM trained staff are committed to making our company the first choice package supplier of Quality products and services to meet the most stringent requirements of major End Users and Contractors in the region.


In summary, ENIPROM enjoys a healthy and successful trading position in the Middle East region. We have a long term commitment to the success of our clients’ future, very strong customer service, alliance and partnering agreements specifically tailored to our client’s requirements, competitive pricing and over 20 years cumulative experience in the Oil & Gas, Energy and the Construction sectors.